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Where is Newcastle?

Newcastle is a metropolitan area in is the most populated regions of Australia, which houses the cities of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Cessnock, Maitland and Port Stephens Council. The increasing number of settlements from people from in and around Australia has turned Newcastle into a hustling and bustling city which is located in the state of New South Wales. For those tourists and people wanting to visit Newcastle, one can access it by travelling 162 kilometres in the North eastern direction from Sydney. The city is famous for a number of natural reserves which have been the backbone of the local economy. Newcastle has exported coal in huge quantities to the entire world which is why it is known as the biggest coal exporting port in the world.

Similarly, the horse racing industry of Newcastle is known across the entire world. Newcastle’s very own Newcastle Jockey Club hosts more than 35 race meetings at the Broadmeadow Racecourse which is a big achievement in its self. All these horse races are annual events which are held in the city with great enthusiasm from the local punters and gamblers. The track is a spacious place for horse racing which has a total length of 2000 metres. The entire excitement during a horse race at the Newcastle Jockey Club reaches its climax when the final straight is used. The straight has a total length of 415 metres which makes horse races at the venue a very exciting event during the ending stage.

Australia's interest in horse racing

Australia’s horse racing industry has been lucky to have horse racing events such as the ones’ held at Newcastle. The total number of tracks in the country sits at a whopping figure of 400, where horse races of various qualities are held on an annual basis. This is the prime reason why so many punters and online gambling websites have been produced by Australia over the last 10 years. Horse racing is an exciting opportunity for the punters to wage bets against their friends and families. In the process, there are some punters who can go on and win thousands of dollars just by sitting in front of their computers.

The entire industry is competing against each other, punters against punters, online gambling websites versus their peers and competitors which is why the industry has done so well. The heightened competition always gets the best out of everyone. Similar is the case with horse racing, as every horse and jockey is out there to win the race. These similarities between the gambling industry and the horse racing industry make it a wonderful combination. Both industries have supported each other very well during difficult times.

In the initial days of horse racing in Australia, gambling was limited to racecourses. This was when this bond developed between the two industries. Newcastle city is one of the most sought after market for online gambling and horse racing. The city has a long and chequered history of horse racing which dates back to the year 1930 when the Newcastle Harness Racing club came into existence. Trotting is the main type which is conducted in the city which is organised on an annual basis at the Broadmeadow showground.

Horse racing and gambling at Newcastle

The first organised event at this venue was held some fifty years back. Years later, the entire horse racing industry has developed into a well oiled machine, which supports thousands of people across the globe. The track which is used in Newcastle city is known as the Newcastle International Paceway. It’s been relocated from the original site due to the inability of the stadium to hold larger number of audiences and gamblers. The International Sports centre is the new location for horse racing events in Newcastle city which is just 8 kilometres away from the central business district.

The new location has wonderful facilities for tourists and local Australian punters a like. The total length of the track is 940 metres in length which is spacious and welcoming. The track at Newcastle has been dubbed as the ‘lighting track’ due to the sizzling performances and results at the venue. According to Australian horse lovers, the Newcastle International Paceway is the best race course in the state of New South Wales and Australia as well. Some of the fastest horse race records have been set at this particular venue, which is home to thousands of punters and online gamblers.

The locals form a huge part of the Australian gambling industry as well, which is why many online gambling websites and sportsbook are owned by the people of Newcastle themselves. Without online gambling, the horse racing industry of Australia does not stand a chance of competing with international horse racing. Another reason for the resounding success of Australia’s horse racing is the excitement and money which is generated by the local punters in the country.

The interest in the digital age of today knows no boundaries with the advent of international and offshore gambling. Many punters from around the world are big fans of the Australian horse racing industry who bet while sitting in their own countries. Those punters who are unable to get leave from their work or who don’t have the resources to travel all the way to Australia can use their computer for the best online gambling in the world. Money transfer in online betting is fast and secure while keeping a track on your favourite jockey and horse becomes much easier too.

Many punters have had the trouble in keeping an eye on their favourite horse and tracks because of travelling problems. The gambling sites in Australia also provide a detailed analysis of the horse races, their strategies, past results and trend analysis and many more in-depth discussions on which horse to bet on. Horse tipping websites offer the best links and discussion which guide the Australian punter towards the right choice in the horse race industry. Australia’s online gambling industry comes with a complete package, and it is very difficult to miss out on such a rewarding and generous opportunity.